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Follow an intensive language course with Native Teachers

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Like to learn a language fast? 

Follow an intensive language course with Native Teachers.

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Native Teachers: an international collective of 'born and bred' language teachers, all of whom teach in their own native language. All Native Teachers language teachers have widespread experience in language teaching in the Netherlands and work, or have worked, at renowned language institutes.

Would you like to learn a language fast?

Then follow an intensive language course with Native Teachers.

Would you like to learn business German, expand your Italian vocabulary, finally understand those French conjunctions or converse fluently in English? We will design a language course specifically tailored to your requirements, and guide you to your goal as quickly as possible.

Language course in Vught or at your own location

The most popular pattern of language lessons is three lesson hours per week for approximately 10 weeks. The training is usually delivered at your place of work, or alternatively at your home. In all aspects of the language training - location, format, intensity and duration of the course - Native Teachers offers maximum flexibility. If you wish to learn a language in an extremely short space of time, you may want to consider a 25-hour intensive week training in Vught or ‘s-Hertogenbosch. With this option, we usually recommend that you stay in one of our selected hotels, where the language training will also take place. If you prefer of course, we also offer the option of learning a language at a more gradual pace, for example two lesson hours every two weeks. We would be happy to advise you on the frequency and intensity required to achieve your desired result within a particular time period.

Native Teachers is a collective of only the very best language teachers. You can book us directly for top quality language training. For something as personal as one-to-one language lessons, it is essential that there is a 'click’ between the learner and the teacher. For this reason, we introduce ourselves to you personally on this website.  Choose the right teacher for you and book him or her directly. With a Native Teacher you are assured of the best quality language training, tailored to your goal and provided by an experienced professional, at a competitive price. 

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Native Teachers: only the very best language teachers

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