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Learn French from a native French teacher

It goes without saying that you will learn the best French from a real Frenchman or Frenchwoman. At Native Teachers, all our language teachers were born and raised in the country of the language they teach. All our French teachers come from France; however, all have lived in the Netherlands for a lengthy period and have taught French here for many years. Our French teachers have extensive experience in designing, creating and delivering lessons to speakers of other languages. With their background in teaching French to a huge diversity of students, our French teachers are expert at adapting the training to the level and objectives of each individual.

Private French lessons, tailored to you

The great advantage of customized French training is that no time is wasted on topics irrelevant to you. If you are a Dutch entrepreneur wanting to do business in the French market, you will need a whole different set of language skills to someone entering the diplomatic service in Paris. There are also vast vocabulary differences among the various business sectors. The world of oenology and gastronomy, for example, has a very different vocabulary and style of speaking than, for example, that of computer animation or haute couture. With all this in mind, your French Native Teacher will create a lesson programme especially for you, which accurately matches your specific needs. The emphasis of the lesson might be on grammar and error-free writing, or on spoken fluency and the use of idiomatic language... the choice is yours.

Cultural French

Living, working, doing business in France... as well as a good command of the language, all this also demands a certain ‘savoir vivre’. During your private French lessons, your teacher will also offer insight into typical French customs, so you can avoid committing the dreaded 'faux pas'.  This cultural aspect will come up naturally during the language lessons, during the conversational element of the training. Your French teacher will utilize a wide range of lesson materials, including newspapers, magazines and websites. With this, you are assured of learning practical, relevant French while at the same time keeping informed of all the latest topical issues and societal developments. Useful information for anyone wishing to live and work in French society.

Ready for your French language training?

For an introduction to our French language teachers, click on the links to the presentation pages of our French Native Teachers. The videos provide a good first impression of the style and personality of our teachers. You can then contact your chosen teacher to arrange a preliminary meeting. To do this, please use the form on the teacher's introduction page.

We wish you every success with your French language training!

Why Native Teachers?

  • The best intensive language training at the highest level
  • 36 years’ experience at the most renowned language institutes in the Netherlands
  • We are all native speakers
  • No 'standard’ lessons; the training is entirely adapted to your specific wishes, circumstances and knowledge
  • Wide flexibility in course intensity: from a 25-hour intensive week training to a bi-weekly two-hour lesson for an extended period - the choice is yours
  • Choice of location: from an external venue in Vught or another preferred location, to in-company or at your home
  • You get to choose the right teacher for you.
  • Book directly with us, no third parties
  • Competitive rates
  • And if you're still not convinced: FREE 10-minute online training

Choose your language teacher, learn your language, and off you go!

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