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Learn Italian from a ‘born and bred’ Italian

Would you like to discuss contracts with your business relations in Lo Stivale (The Boot)? Or would you like to order an espresso fluently during your next Italian holiday? Whatever your goal, your Native Teachers Italian teacher will devise a training program especially for you, tailored to your specific objectives. And when we say 'Italian teacher', we mean that literally: your training will be provided by a born and raised Italian, who can therefore teach you true, native Italian. What's more, during the lessons your teacher will also introduce you to Italian culture - valuable information if you want to participate 100% in Italian life, whether in the business or social context.

Individual Italian lessons, tailored to you

Learning a language well is not always an easy journey. Nevertheless, the process is faster and more efficient if you can concentrate on the most important aspects for you. If conversation is your primary goal, the lessons will focus largely on speaking and vocabulary activation, with a less prominent role for grammatical theory. If, on the other hand, you will be reading and writing a great deal in Italian, the emphasis of the course will lie more on these aspects. In addition, pinpointing the language content you wish to focus on allows for optimal use of precious lesson time. For instance, those planning to work in the Italian fashion world will have more use for vocabulary around textiles, clothing and creative design than those in the agricultural sector or the tourist industry. Our teachers are experts in adapting the training in such a way that you will learn exactly the 'type’ of Italian that you need most.

Cultural Italian

To function effectively in Italian society, an understanding of local culture and customs is essential. Therefore, we believe an introduction to Italian culture to be an integral part of any Italian language training.  Using up-to-date sources such as newspapers, magazines, blogs and other online media, you will gain useful information about Italy and the Italians in a fun and interesting way. Naturally, your Italian teacher will also spend the necessary time on perfecting your pronunciation, thus enhancing your opportunity to integrate within the Italian circles where you wish to live and to work.

Read more and choose your Italian teacher

Our Italian teachers present themselves in text and in a video message. This gives you a good impression of their background and style. Choose the teacher who you feel best matches your language requirements, and use the form on their introduction page to contact them directly.

We wish you every success with your Italian language training!

Why Native Teachers?

  • The best intensive language training at the highest level
  • 36 years’ experience at the most renowned language institutes in the Netherlands
  • We are all native speakers
  • No 'standard’ lessons; the training is entirely adapted to your specific wishes, circumstances and knowledge
  • Wide flexibility in course intensity: from a 25-hour intensive week training to a bi-weekly two-hour lesson for an extended period - the choice is yours
  • Choice of location: from an external venue in Vught or another preferred location, to in-company or at your home
  • You get to choose the right teacher for you.
  • Book directly with us, no third parties
  • Competitive rates
  • And if you're still not convinced: FREE 10-minute online training

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