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Hello, my name is Gesine van Rooy – Lemkuhle. I'm 53 years old and come from Hamburg, Germany.  I studied Pharmacy in Hamburg, and subsequently worked in the pharmaceutical sector for 10 years, in the sales field. At the age of 36, I married a Dutchman and moved to North Brabant.

Experience at language institute 'The Nuns of Vught'
I now have dual Dutch-German nationality. Since moving to the Netherlands, I have steadily intensified my work as a German teacher, both in the volume of teaching and the level at which I teach. For 12 years I taught German at the renowned Language Institute Regina Coeli, better known as 'The Nuns of Vught’. During that time, I taught German to more than 500 course members. Next to my teaching role, I was sales manager and also head of the German department at Regina Coeli.

Business German for commercial success
For several years now I've been teaching German independently, to both private and business students. With my wide experience working in sales in Germany, I have specialized in teaching German in the commercial context. How do you present your company at a German trade fair? How do you sell a product or service to a German client? How do you hold a telephone conversation and how do you write an effective e-mail in German? I also use high quality German newspaper articles as a basis for discussion with my students. Through this, you learn German in a modern context, rooted in today's society.

Learn business German with Gesine
Would you like to improve your German in order to do business at a high level in German? Then you've come to the right place. Please contact me and I will be delighted to teach you my wonderful native language.

I hope to see you soon.

In-company private language training

Would you prefer to follow the language training within your own business setting? I would be happy to visit your company to deliver the German training in your own work environment. On average, an in-company training course takes 10 weeks, with three lesson hours per week. The exact duration and format of the training depends on your wishes and your current level of German. If you prefer fewer or more lessons, for a shorter or longer time period, that's also no problem. Please let me know what you wish to achieve, so I can advise you on the best way to reach your goals. Ultimately, you get to choose the solution that suits you most.

In-company group training

Would you like to learn German with a group of colleagues, in an efficient and goal-oriented way? Perhaps you would like, together with your colleagues, to prepare for a trade fair in Germany or for an important presentation in German? If so, an in-company group training programme offers a suitable solution. I will specifically focus on the terminology used in your branch, so that you are optimally prepared for success, whatever the occasion.

Intensive individual language training

An extremely intensive individual language course is an ideal way to learn German in a short time. You will then be able to immediately apply everything you have learned during the training. For maximum results, we recommend that the intensive language training is held at an external location. We can suggest a number of suitable venues, but if you already have a certain location in mind, that is also possible of course.

Family training

Are you planning to move to Germany with your family? And are you keen to ensure the smoothest possible transition for you and your children? Then family German training is the perfect solution for you. I organize the family training in such a way that not only is it highly informative, but it's also a lot of fun! For both you and your children. I will align the training entirely with your wishes, your family's existing German skills and the age of your children. The family training is usually given in the family’s own home, but if desired, it can also be arranged at another location.

Gesine van Rooy - Lemkuhle

Gesine van Rooy - Lemkuhle


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